Boob Bonanza

We love boobs here at Downblouse Loving and add boob videos as well as downblouse videos. Recently I was looking at all the content I’d already shot but hadn’t used yet and I was surprised at how many boob videos I had, some which were filmed over 4  years ago. All sat on my computer. So we’ve decided that at least for the rest of this year to add extra boob videos each time we update Downblouse Loving. We are now updating all our sites every day. I just wanted to let everyone know why there are more boob videos each update than downblouse videos.  The model in this boob video sample is Katie Lou and there are currently 180 videos of Katie Lou at Downblouse Loving (including some upskirt and panty videos and other types of videos).  Katie Lou is one of our most popular models. Katie Lou has wonderful boobs and an amazing figure and I’ve been doing shoots with her for many years now and always look forward to our shoots as she’s very easy to work with and great to get along with. Please note: any of our videos that has the logo like this sample of Katie Lou is added to Downblouse Loving.


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