Eleanor: water pistol up the skirt

Brave sport Eleanor was happy for me to film this little scene with her where I shoot up her skirt with my water pistol. This clip of Eleanor is from Panty Loving. Eleanor had insisted that I fill the water pistol with warm to hot water but I thought it would be better if the water was cold so I’d get a better reaction from her. I was also worried that if the water was too hot it might burn her skin so I went with cold water. I must admit I did enjoy filming this little scene. And I’m sure a lot of the members will enjoy seeing Eleanor’s panties getting wetter and wetter and more and more see-though. I was tempted to shoot at her head towards the end just to get a reaction from her but I’m too nice to do that I suppose. I was pleased with the video and I plan to film more like this with other models and do different variations. Eleanor is also featured at Downblouse Loving with 90 videos at the moment including some upskirt and panty videos.


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