Hidden camera catches Cherry B out

I’d always suspected that Cherry B was often taking selfies on her phone when she wasn’t suppose to be so I set up a hidden camera to try and catch her out. And here’s the evidence. This is an exclusive video for this blog. As you can see Cherry B is a bit of a diva similar to Kim and like Kim is always reminding me how cold she is. The problem is I do like Cherry B and with her special assets she’s certainly an asset for the site so I keep on shooting her and wait on her hand and foot. I did try banning mobile phones on the shoot but Cherry B wouldn’t have it and threatened to walk out. I think I will get my own back on Cherry B by doing a water pistol scene where I can shoot her with the water pistol. I’ll make sure the water is cold as well or at least below room temperature. If I get to do that I’ll post a video sample here. Cherry B is one of our most popular models at Downblouse Loving and there are currently 187 videos of her there including some upskirt and panty videos. She is also featured at Panty Loving and Only Looking Archives.


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