Kate Anne: how to sell an exercise machine

Kate Anne is one of our most popular models and for me one of the easiest models ever to shoot with. For lots of reasons but maybe it’s because she takes a genuine interest in what I’m trying to film and often comes up with her own ideas which help improve the videos. This is a video sample of Kate Anne from Panty Loving in which she is trying to sell her exercise machine. You can’t believe your look when Kate Anne starts to demonstrate how to use the exercise machine as you get to see up her skirt and she doesn’t seem to be aware that you are getting little flashes of her panties whilst she demonstrates how to use the machine. You’re so excited it must be showing on your face and Kate Anne sees what you’re up to when you dare to come a bit closer for a better view up her skirt. After telling you off and accepting your apologies you suggest that if she lets you have a close look up her skirt you will buy the exercise machine. I’m sure you will appreciate the idea involved in this little scene as it allows you to come closer and almost put your head right up Kate Anne’s skirt. Nice panties by the way which cost me about $20 on eBay. Kate Anne is also featured at Downblouse Loving where there are currently¬† 266 videos of her to download or stream, including lots of upskirt and panty videos. Kate Anne is also featured at Only Looking Archives.


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