Kim – Queen Bee

Here’s a little outtake during a shoot with Kim for Downblouse Loving. It was a lovely summer day and Kim was cleaning the conservatory window in a low cut top when a bee appeared and took a keen interest in Kim. Before continuing to film the scene I had to assure Kim that the bee had definitely flown off and that I would give her a good warning if it happened to appear again. Brave Kim carried on with the scene and it turned out to be a very nice video (Kim 148 + Kim 149 as I filmed 2 versions). The light was so nice I also did a topless version of Kim cleaning the window with her blouse down (Kim 213). It’s fair to say that Kim is the queen of downblouse at Downblouse Loving with the most videos of all the models: currently 358 videos.  Kim is also featured at Only Looking Archives and also at Panty Loving.


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