Queen Bee Kim warming her bum

Here’s a complete video of Kim which is in the member section of Downblouse Loving. It’s a sort of behind the scenes clip where Kim is taking time out to warm her bum and Snapchat (whatever that is). I like this video of Kim as it shows her personality and of course her more than ample boobs which perhaps make her the most popular model on the site. Kim has to be kept at the right temperature during a shoot otherwise she will start to complain and slowly come to a halt. Kim has a habit of burning her bum on radiators. She never seems to learn. You can see in this clip how Kim orders me about to make her a cup of tea. I often think shouldn’t it be the other way round with the models making me cups of tea. Anyway I’m happy to let Kim warm her bum and Snapchat and make her cups of tea as long as I’m getting good little video clips out of her… There are 359 other videos of Kim to download or stream from Downblouse Loving. Kim is also featured at Panty Loving and Only Looking Archives.



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