Rachael C: new model preview

Here’s a preview video of a new model Rachel C  that we are adding to Downblouse Loving on 25 December. As you all know we always add a new model to the site once a year on Christmas day. Only joking of course. In fact next year I plan to film a lot more new models so that we can add new models on a regular basis to the sites. The full video in this sample will be added on Wednesday 27 December. Rachael C is a great new model for our sites and I hope to do lots of shoots with her in 2018. Rachael C was really easy to work with and get along with. I think she will prove to be very popular with a lot of the members. A few times throughout the shoot Rachael C reminded me of Harriet. That’s certainly not a bad thing because Harriet is very attractive and one of our most popular models. Rachael C does have a big advantage over Harriet as you can see in this little sample.



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