Shooting Amy Rose

Just as I was getting bored of shooting models I came up with an idea for a different type of shoot. Must try this idea with other models. Amy Rose was a good sport in doing this clip because she doesn’t like getting wet or cold. She wasn’t very happy with the last few shots from the water pistol with me aiming at her face. I just instinctively felt that a few shots to the head would be the best way to end this clip. Poor Amy Rose was shivering at the end of the clip. I could see she wanted to tell me off for aiming at her face so I gave her lots of praise for doing a great scene and being a sport and quickly left the room to get her a towel.

The full video (Amy Rose 128) is available to download at DownBlouse Loving. Amy Rose is also featured at Panty Loving and Only Looking Archives.


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