German Email Addresses (often we can't reply to them)

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German Email Addresses (often we can't reply to them)

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For some reason when we reply to a German e-mail address a lot of our replies come back undelivered. This is very
frustrating for us. We then try to send the same reply from a personal (non-webmaster) e-mail address we have. Sometimes
it then gets delivered. It seems that a lot of German e-mail account providers are hyper sensitive to what they regard
as Spam. So often our e-mail replies get flagged as spam and don't get delivered.

If anyone has a German e-mail address account we would recommend that you add our e-mail address to your contacts. We think there is then less chance that our reply to you will get flagged as spam. So if you want to e-mail us at first add that e-mail address to your contacts in your e-mail client. Also try using a different e-mail account if you have one like a Yahoo account or Hotmail account.

We just wanted to let German e-mail account users no about this in case they never receive a reply from us. We always reply to every e-mail we receive, and quite quickly as well.
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