Downblouse Loving not updated anymore

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Downblouse Loving not updated anymore

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Tuesday April 2:

Just to let everyone know that we have now stopped updating Downblouse Loving today for the final time. We've had a big update today (including adding 14 new bonus videos).

This is for various reasons:

1) We have to remove all the dance videos (over 1,800) soon for music copyright reasons. We will add new music that is licensed to the dance videos and reupload them to another site later. If you're a current member of Downblouse Loving please download any of the dance videos that you like as soon as you can before they are removed. They will have to be removed on Wednesday 10 April.

2) The site isn't as popular as it used to be.

3) We're struggling to find good new models to add to it which we really need to do. But it's hard for us to find good new models to film.

4) The site is an old design and doesn't function or look so good on mobile devices. The thumbnails are too small, compared to Only Loooking which is a more modern design.

5) We have been experiencing some security issues with the site being hacked. This is because it is just an old design and we can't offer it the sort of protection we can with a more modern Word Press design like Only Looking.

If anyone wants to join Downblouse Loving they will be able to join on Friday 12 April after we've removed all the dance videos.
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