Access to the Only Looking forum is exclusively for current members or ex-members of Downblouse Loving and Only Looking Archives or Panty Loving

You must promise to make a few posts at the forum if you want access to the forum. You will then have permanent access to the forum.

Benefits of Joining the Only Looking Forum

  • Chat to the owner of the sites and the person in charge of all the filming.
  • Share your ideas and suggestions. We will try to film a lot of the ideas suggested.
  • Download some exclusive free videos.
  • Chat with other members and find out what they like or don't like.
  • Take part in member polls.
  • Find out the latest news of what's happening: when we are filming a new model for example or making any changes to our sites.

If you want access to the forum please e-mail us at

*** Let us know which site you are or were a member of and what your username is or was for that site.

*** Let us know what username and password you would like to use for the forum.

We will then add your username and password so you can access the forum which is in a password-protected directory.

We will also register you to use the forum with the same username and password so you won’t need to register yourself. We’ll e-mail you back as soon as we’ve done this.